Audio Recordings


Judas Priest
July 23, 1981
New York, New York, United States
World Wide Blitz Tour

1. Solar Angels 4:51
2. Heading out to the highway 3:38
3. Diamonds & Rust * REMOVED 3:26
4. Hellbent for Leather 2:41
5. Sinner 8:54
6. Beyond the realms of Death 7:08
7. Grinder 4:18
8. Desert Plains 4:43
9. Hot Rocking 3:27
10. You Don't have to be old.. 7:15
11. Victims of Changes 8:28
12. Green Manlishi * REMOVED 4:43
13. Breaking the Law 2:43
14. Living After Midnight 4:40
15 Tyrant 7:39

Judas Priest 1981-07-23 Palladium, New York City - Pre-Broadcast LP source Quality EX+, Pristine "Tyrant", Offending Tracks removed
Media: 1 CD
Source: Pre-Broadcast LP
Quality: EX+
Artwork Included
Transferred from my own copy of the Pre-Broadcast LPs of "Supergroups presents Judas Priest .. A night on the road"
done about 10 years ago. I was at this show and it was amazing, Iron Maiden open up for them and they were great as well.
Following Dime's policies, Diamonds & Rust and The Green Manalishi have been removed as they were officially released on the Metalogy box set

Genocide, Exciter and The Ripper, the first tracks of disc 2 were broadcast as well but were taken from
"Unleashed in the East" so they are not included in the torrent. BTW Exciter and The Ripper were not performed on this Tour.

1de62dd13b03bfca4e90252a1ba6be82 *(01) Sola Angels.flac
734da13384daeb729b999d9d8810bd3f *(02) Headin Out to the Highway.flac
2b98c3075c036ed9f73fe301696d688f *(04) Hellbent for Leather.flac
764861d7f70a52559f76b6901bee1be0 *(05) Sinner.flac
db2a676ebbb0c8ac481074dc8539d260 *(06) Beyond the Realms of Death.flac
db51d4057dc32577cd71eeb64c3febba *(07) Grinder.flac
9186d62ae22c5bcbdd30fc8539f25ad7 *(08) Desert Plains.flac
23ccf501916c61142badadd44af6c6b8 *(09) Hot Rocking.flac
f4d7daf90b5561755c8cfb04aa6e449c *(10) You Don't Have to be Old to be Wise.flac
3f08503e1180d79677fb7cee4df56b5c *(11) Victims of Changes.flac
6034d673f4c2ec9f34d131e935fe143a *(13) Breaking the Law.flac
9c315a0c0423dbafd3f50b767587783e *(14) Living After Midnight.flac
8230dd930496f8a6e404efb32335b352 *(15) Tyrant.flac

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork
1 CD
FM Radio Broadcast