Audio Recordings


Judas Priest
June 14, 1981
Ector County Coliseum
Houston, Texas, United States
World Wide Blitz Tour

1. Ad #1 Iron Maiden (Killers LP) - Houston Radio <1:16>
2. Ad #2 Judas Priest concert - Houston Radio <1:00>
3. Ad #3 Judas Priest (Point of Entry LP) - Houston Radio <0:57>
4. Solar Angels <6:07>
5. Heading Out To The Highway <3:50>
6. Diamonds And Rust <3:50>
7. Hell Bent For Leather <2:39>
8. Breaking The Law <3:07>
9. Sinner <9:08>
10. Beyond The Realms Of Death <7:15>
11. Grinder <4:59>
12. Desert Plains <4:51>
13. Hot Rockin' <3:44>
14. You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise <7:25>
15. Victim Of Changes <8:46>
16. Green Manalishi <7:38>
17. Living After Midnight <5:46>
18. Tyrant <5:32>
Total time: 87:50

Repair and edit of this torrent -
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Judas Priest's performance at Houston's Ector County Coliseum on 14 June 1981.
Clear enough sound, and a great, powerful performance by the band, but marred at times by the taper,
who evidently forgets he's taping or simply can't contain himself, and occasionally starts whooping and hollering in the American manner,
and even on occasion [groan] joins in with the chorus in his flat voice.
A bonus at the start of the disc is three asinine local radio adverts for the band, the show, and Iron Maiden,
who are also on the evening's bill - all taped externally from the sound of it.
It all conveys the teenage excitement of the taper quite well from way back then - the build-up to the show, taping off the radio,
and the show itself.
The first time I heard this, I made the mistake of listening at the computer, which accentuates the taper's dubious contributions,
but listening to it on a decent hi-fi, the music itself comes to the fore, and what a powerful performance it is.
Sounds excellent.
Wish I could have been there...
Fixes -
1. The ads sound as if they were dubbed from one cassette to another using an external microphone,
and were stitched together poorly and tacked onto the start of the first song in the concert.
I've separated them, reduced their volume, and faded them in/out.
2. There were ~2 second gaps in the following spots -
Beyond The Realms Of Death @ 1:54
Victim Of Changes @ 3:56 and 5:56
Tyrant @ 0:03 and 5:08
Fortunately, each gap was a strange dropout, with the music starting again at a point shortly BEFORE the gap in the music occurred,
so it was simple to eliminate the gap/overlap perfectly.
3. The end of CD 1 was after Grinder, where the sound cut out before much applause, no doubt for a well-timed tape flip.
I edited in some applause so that the show continues seamlessly into Desert Plains.
4. The last track finishes abruptly before the song, Tyrant, has quite finished.
I tried to edit in the last chord of different songs, but it didn't come off, so in the end I just left it as it was and faded it out at the end.
5. I put it all onto a DVD-Audio using audiofile, to get the whole show on one disc, but if you prefer two CDs,
there are alternates included, fading out Track 8 to finish CD1, and fading in Track 9 to start CD2,
using the edited-in applause so that nothing is lost.
Many thanks to Metalgod1982 for the original torrent!

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2 CDs
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