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Judas Priest
February 27, 1981
Rhein Mainhalle
Wiesbaden, Germany
World Wide Blitz Tour

1. The Ripper (cuts in)
2. Diamonds and Rust
3. Troubleshooter
4. Breaking the Law
5. Sinner
6. Beyond the Realms of Death
7. Grinder
8. You Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise
9. Hot Rockin'
10. Living After Midnight / Crowd noise
11. Tyrant

Original lineage:
Unknown Analog Cassette>CDR>EAC>WAV>TLH>FLAC>DIME
From the collection of;"ritchfan"
Uploaded by;"Lucifer Burns"
"Remastered" by Priest's Boot in October 2012:
Dime download->WAV->Audacity (speed correction, EQ, hiss removal, better track splits, channels balanced to -3dB)->FLAC level 8 (align on sector boundaries using fix)->Dime
Total length: 56 minutes 28 seconds
Quality: VG+
Vocals: Rob Halford
Guitars: Glenn Tipton
Guitars: K. K. Downing
Bass: Ian Hill
Drums: Dave Holland
Here's a nice FM show from the early 1981 tour, originally seeded by LuciferBurns. It's been off the tracker for a while so I thought it could be nice to reseed it in the case someone wants it. I noticed the tape ran a bit too fast so I slowed the recording down a bit, although with no reference material available it's just a fair guess and might still be a bit off, but I think it's much closer to the real speed than the original. I also bumped up the mid sounds slightly to improve clarity, eliminated most of the tape hiss and balanced the audio channels. The ending of LAM (which seems to come from a different show altogether) was quite crudely mixed so I added some cross-fade to make the transfer smoother. Also, the song cut locations were changed as in the original they were sometimes in the middle of Rob's speech. You can call it remastering if you want, but I personally avoid using that term because I'm not using the original master tape here.
I've included both entirely new artwork created by me as well as those of "Live After Midnight" silver CD (Midas Touch #61211). Use whichever you want, although the ones from the silver are quite bad scans I found on the net.
My bootleg & want list can be found here, shoot me a PM if you want one of the shows there uploaded or please upload if you have any of the ones on my want list:
-Priest's Boot

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork
1 CD
FM Radio Broadcast
Unknown Analog Cassette>CDR>EAC>WAV>TLH>FLAC>DIME