Audio Recordings


Judas Priest
February 11, 1984
Espace Baltard
Paris, France
Metal Conqueror Tour

Hellion/Electric Eye
Riding On The Wind
Metal Gods
Breaking The Law
Desert Plains
Some Heads Are Gonna Role
The Ripper
Heavy Duty
Defenders Of The Faith
Freewheel Burning
You've Got Another Thing Comin'*
Victim Of Changes
Living After Midnight
The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
Hell Bent For Leather

Master Tapers Concert Series - Volume (182)
Band name: Judas Priest
Date: February 11, 1984
Venue: Espace Balard
Location: Paris, France
Tour name: Defenders of the Faith
Media: 2 CDs
Recording type: Audience
Taper: Damien Guasp
Recording Equipment: Aiwa HS-F02 w/supplied external mic
Lineage: 1st Generation Analog (TDK SA100)>Sony TC-WE475>PC>AUDACITY>WAV (16bit)>TLH>FLAC (8)
Transfer/Mastering: January 2015
Audio format: FLAC
Total running time: 102:11
Audio quality: 3+
Artwork: No
*cut due to tape flip
Rob Halford - Vocals
Glenn Tipton - Guitars
KK Downing - Guitars
Ian Hill - Bass Guitar
Dave Holland - Drums
Show comments:
Judas Priest/Ted Nugent.
This comes courtesy of my long time friend and taping/trading buddy Damien. Early on when I started
this master taper series I was trying to track him down and with the help of fellow taper and friend
Mark B. I was able to finally get back in touch with him so an extra special shout out to Mark for that.
Damien has so many great shows and it will be a real treat to share those here with everyone to enjoy.
His taping started in 1984 and ran heavy until the late 90's early 2000's so as you can imagine there's
an awful lot. Most of his shows are some of the best quality boots to come out of Europe during that time.
Thanks to him and his approval to post his shows everyone will hear some great shows. Let's Rock!!

01 Hellion_Electric Eye.flac:7d4256d5d8f0a6f889073eea398395a7
02 Riding On The Wind.flac:68f093e49ccd5ff8bfd8c41c5e025bd9
03 Grinder.flac:333065f0d951e9180b1cc1b2d6912c5a
04 Metal Gods.flac:88c010fa3ebf805be3d58363f443a879
05 Bloodstone.flac:072552dedb65ae90a5f1714106803483
06 Breaking The Law.flac:40a844894075d24f005b0dd7776d5231
07 Sinner.flac:c37af0a3a6592d46b4618adbb8997cd5
08 Desert Plains.flac:99db4be031c1f1e5cf5e7e25fd12e365
09 Some Heads Are Gonna Role.flac:4b0b6e03b323052f50127ed17337b2a4
10 The Ripper.flac:e6484ef9d1fbb6906bab2033c268f8ca
11 Heavy Duty.flac:bb77cd14e65217d28fbadf99decda5c7
12 Defenders Of The Faith.flac:e48f9df173996e042484acdb5ce3a47c
13 Freewheel Burning.flac:d060feca60bf27a2e1c65e8260f558e5
14 You've Got Another Thing Comin'.flac:78cd8123302b55ef0055b325498fcac8
15 Victim Of Changes.flac:6f8ee43479e7a437b11442089173e514
16 Living After Midnight.flac:a3e94f1683bcbe0d5c7a1e84caaac842
17 The Green Manalishi.flac:4f18af039239d9c99955034831e7da51
18 Hell Bent For Leather.flac:ebbc845c428064b6c1440a23ae428e03
2 CDs
Damien Guasp
Aiwa HS-F02 w/supplied external mic
1st Generation Analog (TDK SA100)>Sony TC-WE475>PC>AUDACITY>WAV (16bit)>TLH>FLAC (8)