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Judas Priest
May 1, 1977
The Greyhound
Croydon, England

  1. Call for the Priest
  2. Diamonds and Rust
  3. Victim of Changes
  4. Raw Deal
  5. Here Come the Tears
  6. Dissident Aggressor
  7. The Ripper
  8. Sinner
  9. Genocide
  10. Starbreaker

For years there was no indication that a recording from the part-headlining Sin After Sin UK tour survived to this day, until suddenly someone started selling very affordable CD-R copies of his own master recording from 43 years ago on eBay! "Bucksawz" picked himself a copy and has very kindly sent me the show as well, so all hardcore fans of the band can finally have a listen after all these years. While the quality is far from being the best possible, it contains absolute gems in live renditions of Raw Deal and Here Come the Tears (never played after this UK tour) as well as Dissident Aggressor (only played again in 2008-09). In addition the whole band is giving an absolutely blistering performance, especially Les Binks who is only playing his 8th show with the band.
Audio source and quality: Audience, good to very good quality. Sound clarity varies as the taper obviously had to move around the club, and there's certainly some distortion due to the sheer loudness of the gig, but the super-rare setlist and epic performance makes up for all that!
Special features: Live versions of Raw Deal, Here Come the Tears and Dissident Aggressor!
Sinners At The Greyhound

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